You need to be organized

An organized traveler is a happy traveler. Your trip will still require improvisation of course, but it’s guaranteed that planning and a sufficient organization of your basic resources (time, money and luggage) will help you to fully enjoy your journey and your destination.

From keeping your documents, IDs and cards in a safe place, to creating an itinerary that makes geographical sense; traveling alone only works if you develop your sense of foresight. This same skill will help you on multiple occasions, keeping you afloat and secure during your trip.

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Before you travel, be sure to research your destination, paying special attention to local customs, practices, traditions and events happening during your stay. This will help you approach the locals know what to expect to be happening around you.

If traveling to a foreign country, learn at least a bit of the local language. And hone certain precautionary practices, like carrying your itinerary and addresses with you. Knowing you have backups will bring peace of mind help you dedicate yourself to enjoying the experience.

Save now and make a budget

Let’s face it, often we do not always have enough funds to travel big. Otherwise there would be no low-season offers or frequent traveler memberships.

So, the money is a vital consideration when you travel solo.

Whether you are looking for a room with all the comforts at a great price or just want to travel as a professional globetrotter (quick note: be sure you have a pair of very comfortable and durable walking shoes), the idea is to save before and during your trip as much as possible.

You can start by budgeting your expenses and, subsequently, setting up a savings strategy. This can include saving your change every day, setting aside 20% of your money every week, or even using an app to automatically save money (preferably from your own bank). These practices will make the difference between traveling to enjoy and “traveling with limits.”

Nobody wants to be one of those travelers who don’t enjoy their own trip, so these two tips will allow you to get the maximum possible experience, whether you’re looking for a trip of self-knowledge or one of pure fun.

Remember to be as consistent and organized as possible, and you can go to the destination of your own, in less time than you imagine.

Trust your instincts

Relying on your gut feeling and that voice in your head are key to allowing you to adapt while traveling solo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extroverted person, experienced or novice. There will be moments in your independent travel where you won’t really know what decisions to make, who to choose as a companion, or when to leave. This is when your instincts usually take precedent.

From choosing the best accommodations to selecting which attractions to visit, your instincts should tip the scale on all travel decisions.

Stay alert

One of the reasons to travel to learn and discover the positive and familiar qualities of other peoples and places. It’s wonderful to experience unexpected human warmth and kindness, but those aren’t the only human qualities you should expect to find. It just takes one bad apple to ruin your vacation, so you should always be alert when you’re traveling.

Regardless of how much research you’ve done, or how familiar you are with a place, be sure to always carry a certain level of caution with you. Expect unforeseen events and keep your guard at a healthy level.

Ask your host or reception at your accommodation to recommend attractions and warn of local dangers. They can also help you securing verified and secure taxis or transportation as needed.

Start with “Yes, I can”

While we’re not encouraging “tourist ego,” a curious phenomenon in which travelers tend to believe themselves untouchable, it is important that you approach the journey with confidence. Look at yourself and overcome your fear of traveling and the taboo of “traveling alone.” The result is intimately enriching.

Most of us are conditioned to prefer to travel with one or more people. To some, traveling alone is unthinkable. While there are many joys and advantages to traveling with others, traveling alone and navigating exciting new places is one of the most enriching experiences that a person can undertake in their life.

There are several ways to overcome the fear of traveling alone, but all are based on the same instructions: be prepared and informed. Study your next destination day after day. Ask for opinions Ask for recommendations. Ask however many times it’s necessary until you are ready to decide to change your life.

It is normal to feel afraid of any type of daunting new experience (solo or not), but consider that fear is an indication that you are doing something important.

Travel fully aware of the good that you’re doing for yourself. It will provide you with stories, meals, photos, selfies, numbers, emails, adventures, and the wonderful people that you will surely find in your path.

Everything is possible if you start with, “Yes, I can!”

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