There are plenty of ways to travel, including planes, trains, and automobiles. But there are other ways to travel the world, like exploring a city by bike. Feeling the wind in your face while you enjoy the ride is something that will awaken your senses and make you feel free. When you travel by bike, you can discover new places and enjoy them while you stay fit and environmentally conscious. 

There are plenty of cities around the world where you can rent a bike and travel on the pathways that are designed to make sure that your route will get you to where you need to go. All you have to do is pick a bike that adapts to your needs, grab a helmet, and start traveling in a whole new way. Check out these bike-friendly cities and get ready to discover the world on two wheels!

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Discover the best cities to experience by bike

Copenhagen, Denmark

Known as the bike capital of the world, Copenhagen has so many bicycles that you can always find a reliable road to ride. Each neighborhood is connected by these routes, and there are plenty of places to park your bike, no matter where you go.

Bicycles have become a main means of transportation for locals in Copenhagen, and exploring the city by bike is very safe for tourists. During the last few years, 17 new bridges stretching across ports and canals, and over 12 bike lanes that stretch more than 15 miles, have been built around the city.

Wrocław, Poland

With over 214 kilometers of bike lanes that pass through incredible parks and dams, Wrocław, Poland, is a cyclist’s dream destination. If you’re more of a history buff, you can also visit the historical center by bike and then stop to watch the beautiful sunset at any canal. 

Are you a cycling aficionado? Then you’ll love Wrocław’s bike-friendly vibe, and so will your wallet! Poland is a notoriously cheap destination. If you want to visit by bike, avoid coming between November and March; the ice can make bike lanes unsafe to travel on, and the climate is less than friendly for cyclists.

Berlin, Germany

Although it’s common to see Berliners leave their bikes at home during their morning commutes, during the day, Berlin is full of cyclists riding through the city. There are over 800 km of bike lanes, and you can discover plenty of historical sites while riding through the city. Don’t forget to visit the abandoned Tempelhof Airport!

The city is mostly flat, and the distance between stoplights is pretty far, so you can pedal comfortably without making a lot of stops in between. In winter it can be hard to travel by bike because of the snow and ice, so you might want to consider the subway if you’re visiting Berlin in the winter.

Amsterdam, Holland

We can’t talk about traveling the world by bike without including the ultimate cyclist’s paradise–Amsterdam. Riding through the city’s streets, it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of places to visit like the Naarden Trail, the Muiderslot Castle, the walled city, and Naarden Lake. 

Traveling by bike in Amsterdam has a lot of advantages which is why it’s such a popular form of transportation for locals. There’s a low speed limit for cars, and the signs for cyclists are very clear, plus there are plenty of places where you can park a bike, which makes it even easier to travel everywhere on wheels.

Whether you’re a seasoned biker or you’re just learning how to keep your balance, you’ll find bike routes in these cities where you can travel safely. Once you experience a part of the world by bike, you’ll want to experience the whole world on two wheels! Get ready for your first trip and then you can plan the next steps (or pedals).

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