Traveling as a couple has lots of benefits. There’s no better way to maintain a happy and stable relationship than to travel the world and visit its magical destinations. Taking a trip with the person you love is a way to break the routine and experience something different together that will reinforce your love for each other and create memories that will stay with your forever. 

The month of love, is the perfect excuse to plan a trip with your partner and to look for a romantic getaway that will allow you to enjoy your relationship to the fullest. Discover the most romantic places and start planning your next vacation!

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Re_experience love in these destinations around the world

The world is full of hidden romantic destinations, ideal for all types of couples. Whether they’ve just recently started dating or their love goes back many years, traveling allows couples to reconnect and remember the reasons why they fell in love with that special person. 

Trips for a romantic getaway in Mexico

Traveling is an experience that, when shared with your partner, requires a lot of trust, as you’ll live side by side with them for a longer period of time, have to solve problems, make decisions and discover each other’s weaknesses. That’s why, if your relationship is just beginning, it’s best to choose nearby cities and take short trips that are just a taste of everything you could face together.

Viaje en pareja

  • Riviera Maya: This special place in Mexico with its beautiful beaches that combine vegetation, crystal clear water and powdery white sand is an ideal environment to share for a romantic milieu. Visiting its cenotes and ruins are some of the best experiences that you can share and discover together. 
  • San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato: Take in the town on the tram and discover a little of Mexico’s history, enjoy a sorbet in the city center or admire the park with its nighttime lighting while sharing a delicious dinner from one of the many balcony, activities that, when you and your partner do together, will become even more special. 
  • Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí: If you and your partner enjoy extreme activities and adventure, you will adore this destination, as here you’ll be able to kayak down the river and face its strong current or go down into the natural abyss known as the Cave of Swallows.

Travel with your partner all around the world

As we mentioned before, traveling as a couple requires commitment and, above all, trust, so long trips are more common when couples have been together longer and have closer and stronger ties. It doesn’t matter if you prefer beaches or cities, the destination will be less important, as long as you’re ready to experience it together.

viajar en pareja

If you’re ready for a multi-day adventure, then you’ll love these destinations: 

  • Bali, Indonesia: Bali is an island in Indonesia that offers the chance to enjoy beautiful beaches with turquoise water and white sand together. The jungle and rice, this place retains its strong sense of mysticism and spirituality, which will allow you to re_connect with your partner and to grow your love for each other. In addition, at night you can enjoy its many bars and clubs. 
  • Positano, Italy: A paradise of cliffs on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, its medieval churches, museums and gardens will seem even more enchanted just by experiencing them hand in hand with your partner. If your trip needs a little adventure, you can go kayaking together and then relax once more while enjoying the sunset sitting on the beach. 
  • Costa Rica: “Pura vida” (or “pure life”) and pure love are what the beautiful beaches of this country boasts. Its natural parks and forests are open for hiking and for admiring the many species of wildlife that live within them. You can also find eco-friendly hotels where both partner and nature are looked after.

Are you ready to get on a flight to any of these cities? Find the ideal destination and write a new love story with your partner as you travel the world together. 

February and all its romance make it the perfect time to plan a trip with your partner. Start discovering the incredible destinations that the world has to offer and enjoy life with the person you love while saving up to 70% on your accommodations with your Re_set membership. Start your free 90-day trial and re_live love through travel!

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