Some people visit Cancún to leave their stress behind and spend time sunbathing at the beach with a relaxing drink in their hand. We all love to relax on the beach from time to time, but sometimes adventure calls.

Luckily, Xel-Ha is one of the most famous eco-tourist parks in Mexico and has plenty to offer adventurers. Xel-Ha is recommended for travelers from around the world, and now it invites you to come and experience it firsthand.

According to Mayan legend, the gods created Xel-ha as their home. Nowadays, it’s known for its beautiful caletas (cove), crystal turquoise waters, and incredible views both above and below water.

Here are 8 ways you can experience the bliss of Xel-ha for yourself.

1. Mountain biking in the air

We won’t ask you to develop telekinetic powers and start levitating, but you can enjoy one of the best aerial tours in Mexico. With the Zip-Bike, all you have to do is take a seat and pedal along for an the incredible view. Before you know it, you’ll be passing over cenotes, mangroves, and caves full of wonders.

Pro tips: While in the air, do your best E.T. impressions.

2. Experience life in the fishbowl

We’re referring to the Underwater Observatory. This attraction lets you interact with nature deep below the surface of Xel-Ha’s cove. Inside, you can get up close and personal with 70 underwater species living in the cove. Kids will love it!

Pro tips: Don’t make Finding Nemo jokes.

3. Put your balance to the test with an incredible view

Careful, crossing the Floating bridge in Xel-Ha isn’t for the faint of heart! Hold onto your selfie stick or keep your phone in a safe place. This suggestion may seem odd, but when you’re in the open water of Xel-Ha’s cove, the temptation to take photos while you cross this incredible path is nearly irresistible!

Pro tips: Pass through without holding onto the handrails.

Re_connect with the tranquility of the waters of Xel-há’s cove.

4. Have an in-depth conversation with the dolphins

Deep conversations don’t necessarily have to last hours. For 30 to 45 minutes, you can choose to swim with the dolphins, with the Primax, or Interax. experience. And while you’re swimming you’ll also learn about them and their habitat with a certified trainer that will teach you everything you could possibly want to know about our favorite aquatic friends. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with their charm.

Pro tip: Dolphins are a chatty bunch! Start an effective conversation in dolphin language with them using words… uh, sounds.

5. Travel on a roller-coaster in the open sea

Well, it’s not exactly a rollercoaster, but it will launch you over three feet above sea level and it’ll definitely FEEL like you’re on a rollercoaster! Get your blood flowing with the Adrenalina Xel-Ha experience, where you can ride on a speedboat and feel like you’re starring in an action movie. Just remember to hang onto your seat while you ride the waves and enjoy the thrill of 360° turns.

Pro trip: Take a chill pill while you are on the ride and don’t scream during the whole experience.

Come on over an take a seat in one of the most quiet places near the cove. The perfect spot to take a break!

6. Don’t wait until the (sea) cows come home

Manatees aren’t just in Florida; they’re at Xel-Ha too! They’re so friendly and fun. All you have to do to enjoy a moment of serenity with these majestic marine mammals is come to their beautiful habitat in the park. At the park, a certified instructor will tell you more about how you can interact with these creatures commonly mistaken for mermaids while you swim and feed them a lettuce lunch.

Pro tip: They’re cute and maybe you’d like to hug them all day long but manatees like their space. Don’t touch or hug the manatees!

7. Take a submarine tour without an oxygen tank

In order to participate you’ll need to attend a Sea Trek briefing and wear a special breathing helmet. We can assure you that it’s completely safe, even if you forget to breath for the first few minutes. Once you’re underwater, it’ll be impossible not to marvel at the thousands of colors, species, and views that you’ll experience under the marine surface of Xel-Ha.

Por Tip: Pretend you’re Neil Armstrong in zero-gravity.

8. Scuba dive in a cenote

Cenotes are one of Mexico’s national treasures, and while you normally have to have a scuba diving license and permit (without specialized equipment) to enjoy the colorful deeps of this water bodies, Xel-Ha is the only place in the Riviera Maya where you can feel free to explore their sub-aquatic floor by both snorkeling and scuba diving. No equipment? No problem! The facility provides you with everything necessary for your adventure. All you need to bring is a waterproof camera.

Pro tip: “Snuba” dive in Xel-Ha’s cove instead.

We hope these activities become unforgettable highlights of your vacation itinerary. Remember that at the end of the day, you’ll want to have a place where you can relax and rest so you can wake up well-rested and ready for the next day’s adventure. Sign in to Re_set and get incrediblediscounts on your accomodations across the Riviera Maya and thousands of other destinations throughout Mexico and abroad.

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