You’ve certainly already heard that Costa Rica is one of the lushest, most earthly paradises on the planet, in addition to being one of the popular destinations for millions of eco-tourists from around the globe.

Why is this? Well, it starts with the famous philosophy of “Pura Vida” (or “pure life” in English), shared warmly by native Costa Ricans with locals and tourists alike. Costa Rica has one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet, so the country places a great emphasis on protecting its natural sanctuaries where dozens of species of wildife and fauna coexist.

The country is bursting with jungles, beaches, forests, mountains, and volcanoes that together create a rich tapestry of spectacular views. The range of accommodations allows travelers to experience the simplicity or luxury of their preference, making Costa Rica the perfect place to reconnect with Mother Nature.

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Don’t be surprised if your days contrast dramatically, going from a day of extreme sports to excursions to visit monkeys and spot sea turtles. The constant presence of the jungle ties everything together. Costa Rica is the ideal destination to reconnect with Mother Nature and more.

  1. See dozens of turtles lay their eggs

Costa Rica has an unbeatable climate. Perhaps that’s why turtles from all over the world travel thousands of miles to lay their eggs on its beaches. From July to October, Tortuguero National Park and Playa Grande, the primary and most famous egg-laying beaches, host thousands of visitors to witness this beautiful and protected natural spectacle.

Given the nature of… well, nature, there are 2 caveats:

  • There are no fixed schedules with Mother Nature. This means that turtles spawn on the beach on their own time, so a visit to the beach doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see eggs being laid.
  • Turtles spawn at night and there are strict safety guidelines to protect sea turtles. Making loud noises or carrying lamps or cameras is usually prohibited by the tour organizers.

So there it is. Since there are no guarantees your tour group will see turtles, be sure to keep an eye on your guide who may make last minute changes in order to get you to active areas, which may change from one day to another. Your trust increases your odds of an amazing memory.

  1. Take a guided tour into the depths of the jungle

If you are looking to encounter some of the world’s most important ecological reserves, Costa Rica is your destination. Its national parks maintain the most rigid and important protection rules worldwide, so it’s fair to say that taking a tour through them is akin to exploring undiscovered lands untouched by man.

Ideally, select an experienced guide who can take you through the confines of each park early in the day. This makes for more relaxed tours and landscapes and the morning mists lends them a mystical quality.

Recommended parks include Tortuguero Park, Corcovado National Park, Cahuita National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park.

  1. Experience “Volcanic Tourism”

Don’t worry! We’re not sending you directly down into the heart of a volcano! Instead, “volcanic tourism” highlights all the wonders that emerge from these Costa Rican giants.

Part of the famous Ring of Fire of the Pacific, volcanoes abound in Costa Rica. Perhaps this is why Costa Rica enjoys such ecological treasures, which can only mean one thing for intrepid travelers: Hot springs!

Most of Costa Rica’s 100 volcanos, both active and inactive, can be accessed through land tours inside the national parks. Tours focus on visiting the vicinity of the volcanoes and taking in geographical features.

In addition to seeing the natural results of the volcanos’ magma, including waterfalls, mountains and other natural formations, travelers can also take a dip in hot springs. Simply enter and let the mixture of natural volcanic salts and minerals work their magic and begin to help you relax and restore.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t include Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, It’s because we saved the best for last. Costa Rica striking sand beaches offer opportunities for surfing, playing, whale watching and other seaside adventures.

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