The Good Weekend was created as a strategy to stimulate the Mexican economy and improve the quality of life for the country’s consumers. The program began in 2011 and since then, Mexicans have prepared every year for an annual four-day shopping extravaganza that happens in November where they can buy products and get services at the best prices possible.

Why is it called the “Good Weekend?” Because for a weekend, you can find incredible discounts and payment plans for everything your heart desires. Whether you’re looking for food, clothes, cars, furniture, appliances, or even discounts on end of the year vacations, the Good Weekend has the best prices of the year.

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Tips to make your Good Weekend the best it can possibly be

Plenty of stores and companies wait until the most anticipated weekend of the year to offer extraordinary discounts and payment plans for goods. Think of the Good Weekend as Mexico’s answer to Black Friday. 

Even though the prices are incredible, you still have to make wise choices to get the best deals. If you’re excited to take advantage of the Good Weekend to do your shopping, here are a few tips to make sure you save as much as possible: 

  1. Figure out what you need ahead of time so you can find real offers.
  2. Compare prices by establishment and figure out what the prices are in each place, then choose the best sale for you.
  3. We know it can be tough to resist the temptation of a great sale, but make sure you prioritize buying what you really need so you can save for what you want.
  4. Create a spending limit for yourself and stick to it. Make sure you don’t max out your credit limit either. That way you can maintain a good credit score.

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