At one point or another, all of us have allowed the monotony of life to weigh us down. We forget the little things in life and we lose the enthusiasm for exploration. There comes a time when we discover that we want to do different things, that we are open to reconnecting with the world and igniting our passions that we’ve buried deep within ourselves. 

Falling in love, day-dreaming, living free, feeling alive — how many emotions have you repressed in order to stick to your routine? Now is the time to find yourself! That’s why Re_set, the new way to travel, has been created to help you can re_vive your emotions and re_new your spirit.

Try Re_set FREE for 90 days and get exclusive discounts on your next trip.

What is Re_set?

Re_set is a membership-based discount service with exclusive offers that allows you to travel whenever you want throughout Mexico and abroad. Forget about waiting until the off season — with Re_set, that is no longer a reason to put your next trip off any longer.

Imagine all that you have to find, how many places you have yet to discover, all of the world’s secrets you could learn, the people that could surprise you with their culture and life experiences. All of this is within your grasp with Re_set, the new way to travel. 

What does it consist of?

Your Re_set membership gives you exclusive access to discounts and benefits like 70% savings on more than one million hotels around the world. With your Re_set membership, you could travel to more than 60,000 destinations while getting the best discounts on all of your adventures.

Simply choose the destination, the date of your trip and that’s it. You’ll get the best hotel at the best price!

Try it now or get your annual membership!

Re_set is for people looking to make amazing memories on their trips. If you are ready to travel differently, we recommend getting your annual membership. For just $3,899 annually, you can make unlimited reservations on the hotels and destinations of your choice. 

If you still aren’t ready to live a traveling lifestyle full-time, but you’d like to try Re_set, simply sign up and enjoy 90 days free. We are confident that you’ll want to keep your membership forever.

How many times have you told yourself that you crave new experiences? The best way to achieve this is by traveling the world. Re_set has arrived in Mexico to give you the opportunity to travel differently. Don’t think about it any longer and start changing your routine today. Allow yourself to experience the mystery of another country or the beauty of your own. Sign up now and your next question will be “when is the next trip?”

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