Orlando is one of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations, with Disney World leading the way as the most popular spot for families. With over 11,000 hectares and an endless list of attractions, both kids and kids at heart have fallen in love with Disney World and its magic. Although Disney has become one of the main attractions, in Orlando there are plenty of other options for travelers and locals alike. Whether you’re looking for adventure, good food, or just to relax a bit, Orlando has something to offer everyone. 

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Discover the Magical Corners of Orlando

Did you know Orlando is known as the Theme Park Capital of the World? Well, now you know! This city has 7 spectacular parks and although the most famous one is Walt Disney World, there are plenty of other places to see and experience in this incredible city. 

If you’re a fan of thrills, you have to visit Busch Gardens which has plenty of rollercoasters. Get motion sickness easily? Go on a safari without visiting Africa and see the lions, rhinoceros, flamingos, and other animals. You can also enjoy a water show or enjoy live music. With all the activities to do and things to see here, you could spend days and never want to leave.

Have you always wanted to experience your favorite movies in real life? If experiencing fictional universes is your life’s dream, you have to visit Universal Studios and discover its many secrets. Universal Studios is open throughout the year, and there’s so much to do. Have a butterbeer in the magical world of Harry Potter, get on a bike with E.T. and phone home, destroy aliens with the Men in Black, or get to know Springfield and eat donuts with Homer Simpson. You can also check out their newest water park: Volcano Bay with its 19 attractions, a beach, and a river, which gives you plenty of options to relax. It would be a good idea to combine the visit to both parks and enjoy your time.

If you’re a fan of golf, Orlando is the place for you! Whether you’re a professional or a novice, you can play golf on over 170 world-class courses or if you’re not planning on giving Tiger Woods a run for his money, you can enjoy one of the many golf courses that’s fun for both kids and adults. 

We can’t mention Orlando without mentioning the place where dreams come true every day: Walt Disney World. This mega-size theme park with the attractions, famous castle, night life, sports complexes, Epcot, and incredible experiences makes Disney World truly the “happiest place on Earth.” Come here and Re_live the best moments of your childhood with all the characters and songs that you grew up with. Even better, you can stay at one of the 20 themed hotels and live the Disney dream both day and night. Take a selfie with a stormtrooper, experience The Lion King with real lions, and see the fireworks that light up the park every night. There’s so much more in Orlando to see; all you have to do is pack your bags!

There’s no better way to escape reality than to experience all the magic that this city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a stroll in a park or a more adventurous activity, your trip to Orlando is sure to be unforgettable. Best of all, you can experience everything that Orlando has to offer while you save money with your Re_set membership which gives you up to 70% discounts on accommodations. Sign up for your free 90 day trial membership today and start saving.

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