Many cities are known either for their food, history, architecture, or their people, but few cities have all of these elements and more. Even fewer cities have captured our hearts like Mexico City has. From its winding cobblestone streets to its incredible museums, beautiful parks and amazing architecture and it’s easy to navigate public transportation that spans over 100 miles, Mexico City has something for everybody. Mexico City gives tourists and locals alike an opportunity to take an introductory course to an entire country in a few days. Despite the city’s sprawling metropolis, there are elements of every state in the country on each corner of the city’s streets.

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Pieces of Mexico all in the same place

Mexico City is divided into neighborhoods where each place has maintained unique traditions. It’s hard to imagine that a place with high-rise buildings, huge avenues, and infamous traffic is also a place with quiet neighborhoods where tradition is part of the charm, but it exists in Mexico City.

One of the most commonly photographed neighborhoods with colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and incredible flavors is Coyoacán. Famous for its bohemian vibe, Coyoacán is a popular hideout for intellectuals, artists, poets, and musicians. The neighborhood’s magic serves as inspiration for many, regardless of when you decide to come here, strolling along the streets is always wonderful.

Coffee, Mexican tapas (called ‘antojitos’ in Spanish), churros, chocolate, and boozy mezcal are just some of the culinary options that you can choose from (or you can choose to enjoy all of them!) Walk in the plaza and cool off with an ice cream, check out the art scene, the colonial architecture, and experience the locals’ warmth and friendliness. Coyoacán is also known as Frida Kahlo’s home base. Here, you can find the house where she lived in with Diego Rivera that also served as her studio and inspiration for many of her pieces. If (and when) you come here, don’t forget to visit her house!

If you’re looking to take a journey to the past, Xochimilco is the place for you. Take a ride in a horse and buggy, enjoy the marimba, mariachi, and trio music, indulge in home grown food, and escape your modern everyday life.

Xochimilco is also one of Mexico City’s most well-preserved historical districts. Walking through Xochimilco is like going through a time warp to the past with its colorful and fragrant flower markets, urban legends, old and charming churches, and museums.

If you’re a film buff, Cuajimapla is the place for you. One of director Pedro Infante’s most famous films, “The Three Garcias,” was filmed there. Pedro has contributed so much to this neighborhood that they decided to build a mansion in his honor, and you can even find a memorial dedicated to him in the main plaza.

A city full of museums

Whether you’re a fan of archaeological digs, colonial paintings, or modern art, Mexico City has plenty of options to choose from with over 150 museums and galleries that are internationally renowned for their collections.

The Chapultepec Forest is a great place to find multiple museums without needing to walk around the entire day. Experience Mexico’s 8000 year history at the National Museum of Anthropology and explore the thousands of diverse cultures that Mexico has to offer.

In the park near the forest, you’ll find the Chapultepec Castle, which is a can’t-miss attraction that has been the site of several historical events in Mexico and houses artifacts known for their beauty and history. There’s something to see in every corner of this castle, as well as beautiful views of the city that are fit for a king.

If you’re passionate about art, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art, which has exhibits dedicated to Mexican artists like Frida Kahlo, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco, and more. Or if you’re more avant-garde, you can visit the Rufino Tamayo Museum, which shows the latest trends in the art world.

The Soumaya Museum is an architectural icon that has been undergoing a makeover since 2011 and now has a curved facade. It’s a place where you can enjoy culture and over 60,000 pieces of art in its permanent, traveling, and temporary exhibitions. It’s a must-see attraction for art and architecture buffs alike.

There are endless adventures you can go on in Mexico City; each street, each building, each dish, and each aroma is full of tradition that you can only find here. Whether you’ve been to Mexico City before or it’s been on your bucket list for a while, pack your bags and get ready for a journey full of folklore and tradition.

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