Located at the southern tip of Baja California and surrounded by the Sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Los Cabos is an extraordinary destination that combines desert landscapes with beaches, mountains and cobblestone streets. With each new outing, you’ll find an opportunity to capture an incredible photo or make a new memory that will last a lifetime. 

Do you like adventure? Do you want to relax? Go out and party? Los Cabos is the place! Whatever you seek in your next vacation, this destination has so many opportunities that no one could resist enjoying all that it has to offer. Continue reading and discover why Los Cabos offers a wealth of possibilities.

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From rest to adventure … and a bit more!

There’s nothing like a great view of the ocean. If there is one place that has the most incredible views, it’s Cabo San Lucas, and there is no better way to enjoy fantastic days of rest on the beach. One that is very popular in this zone is La Empacadora or El Medano Beach, where you can spend the morning sunbathing and cooling off in the sea.  

In addition, you can enjoy delicious dishes in the local restaurants. Whatever your favorite food, you can find a bit of everything here!

Cabo San Lucas is also a place where you can go snorkeling or enjoy other watersports. Throughout the area, you can find a variety of services to help you pursue the activity you are interested in. Did you know that in the depths of Los Cabos you can find a paradise of seaweed and fish of different colors? Take the time for some good scuba diving! 

Awaken your adventurous spirit and hop on a kayak to El Arco or try to flyboard while you enjoy the sensation of floating on the water, or go jet-skiing for some real speed.  

An all-terrain adventure is a less aquatic but equally adventurous plan, where you’ll traverse desert landscapes, and sandy trails on a dune buggy. You don’t need to be an expert in order to do one of these trips. It requires a bit of technique but pretty soon you’ll get the hang of it enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. 

If you travel between the months of December and April, one activity that you should absolutely take part in is grey whale watching. Humpbacks and Orcas have chosen this location as a mating site, as well as a place where they can enjoy the temperate waters and play with their offspring. Without a doubt, it will be a natural marvel. Bring your camera and take the best photos!

A horse ride along the beach could be a more relaxed plan that is also romantic if you are traveling with a partner. The sound of the ocean, the atmosphere, the breeze and the landscapes will be the perfect background to share a magical moment. 


If night falls and you still find yourself with the energy to have fun, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to go out and enjoy the most popular spots in the area. Live music, good food, and refreshing drinks fill the atmosphere of nightlife in Los Cabos. They say that a mandatory stop is Arre Mango, so save your energy for the cherry on top of your whole trip. 

There is no better way of finding yourself than enjoying an amazing vacation. Mark Los Cabos on your list of trips and prepare your itinerary for the activities that you are most excited about. 

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