There are some places that capture your heart with their natural beauty, others make you fall in love with the culture and people, and places that make you want to go on an adventure. But there’s another type of trip full of indulgence and hedonism that should be on everyone’s bucket list: Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is the most visible place from space because of its bright lights, and there’s a reason why Las Vegas is known as a city that never sleeps. Here you can have fun, play a hand of poker, enjoy a show, and eat some delicious food while you spend hours enjoying the night (and day!)

Las Vegas’ incredible themed hotels will take you to a place unlike any other where all you have to do is walk through the door and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Paris. You can even see Venice from your window! If that hasn’t convinced you to visit Vegas, you’ll surely be ready to pack your bags after you read this article.

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Get ready for fun

Whether you’ve never been to a casino or if you’re looking to explore the greatest casinos in the world, being in Las Vegas without visiting at least one casino will be hard to do. Every year Las Vegas welcomes over 40 million people, and only 20% of them leave without gambling. Do you think you can resist the temptation to make friends with Lady Luck?

Whether you’re a fan of games or a novice, you’ll surely want to visit at least one of these places to feel the excitement that they have to offer. With over 196 poker tables, MGM Grand is one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. With the slot machines, Keno, and non-gambling attractions like concerts, internationally renowned shows starring big-name musicians, and sporting events, MGM Grand lives up to its Grand name.

Known as Las Vegas’ best casino, The Bellagio is a five-star diamond award-winning hotel and features extravagant fountains adorned with sculptures of ballerinas with over 1,200 water jets that shoot off in synchronized movements with music. The building alone will leave you in awe. If you really want the full experience, you have to see the fountain at night where the lights make the fountain routine look like a real show. 

Another popular casino is The Venetian. Walking through the doors is like taking a flight to Venice. Everything has been recreated to look exactly like Venice, with bridges, canals, gondola rides, and more. Whatever your preference is, you’re sure to find an incredible casino that you’ll fall in love with! There’s a reason why Vegas is called the City of Sin, so leave your troubles behind, don’t look back, and give into temptation.

More than just casinos! 

Las Vegas is more than just casinos; you can find restaurants, tourist attractions, malls, and activities for every taste and budget. If you decide not to give into the temptation to gamble, Vegas still has plenty to offer. In addition to the incredible casinos, you can find restaurants, tourist attractions, and malls for every budget and taste. If you’ve already decided not to try your hand at a poker table, there’s plenty more to do. There are plenty of shows and attractions to check out. Even if you haven’t made advance reservations or if you’re just feeling spontaneous, you can take advantage of “Tix for Tonight,” a service that lets you buy tickets last minutes for same-night shows at great prices. 

Buffets are common around Las Vegas. You can enjoy delicious dishes from around the world and eat until you can’t stand up. Don’t worry about the calories; what you eat in Vegas, stays in Vegas! If you feel like burning off the calories, you can walk around in the huge malls and get your exercise without ever setting foot in the gym. You can even find designer brands with beautifully decorated window displays on every corner of this incredible city. Get ready to shop till you drop!

Are you convinced yet? Ready to put Las Vegas on your bucket list? Visit and immerse yourself in the city that never sleeps, discover why “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” If you’re ready to pack your bags, bring your Re_set membership with you and save on accommodations. Sign up for your free 90 day trial membership today and use the membership at over 60,000 places around the world.


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