Traveling is a great way to take a break from reality and experience things that you never imagined possible. But before you travel, there’s always a lot to do: letting people know where you’re going, creating your itinerary, budgeting, finishing work, and of course, packing your bags.

There are plenty of questions that come with packing your bags, like “Do I need this?” “Will they let me travel with this?” “What kind of bag should I bring?” and “Will my carry-on fit in the overhead compartment?” There are plenty of ways to travel, and luckily we have are a few tips for packing your bags and accessories that can make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

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Get ready to pack your bags!

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice, keeping these tips in mind can save you a lot of headache and hassle. Remember, if you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need to do some research on what you are and aren’t allowed to bring into the country you’re going to. Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to start packing!

Make a list. Think carefully about what you will and won’t need during your trip. It may seem logical, but a lot of times we tend to bring things on our trip that we never use. Make sure that everything you pack has a purpose and that everything is adequate for the climate you’re travelling to, whether you need climbing shoes or a bikini, sunscreen, and medication, depending on where you’re going and what you plan to do when you’re there.

Use the right suitcase. It’s important to ask yourself “what’s the most practical bag I can bring?” Where you’re going can determine what kind of suitcase you should bring. You wouldn’t want to lug a giant suitcase across cobblestone roads, would you? Remember that the dimensions and weight of your luggage are important in airports so do your research on what is and isn’t allowed so you don’t have any surprises when you’re ready to travel.

Create outfits for each day. Now that you’ve got your list of things together and chosen the right bag for your trip, it’s time to figure out what you will and won’t use. Think about what will be the most comfortable to wear and create outfits beforehand so you won’t have to when you’re traveling. Create daily outfits where some of your clothes can be repeated, like your favorite jeans or a cardigan. It doesn’t matter if you wear a different outfit every day of your trip; you can always do laundry on your trip and avoid over-packing your bag. Remember that it can get pretty cold on airplanes, so bring a scarf or cardigan on the plane with you so you don’t freeze.

Organize your suitcase. Once you have everything that you’re going to bring with you and you’ve chosen your suitcase, organize it. Group everything together and put the things that you’ll use the most on top. It’s also a good idea to roll your clothes in your suitcase so nothing wrinkles and everything is easy to find in your suitcase.

Bring a bag for dirty laundry. How much laundry you have can depend on each person, but bringing a bag for dirty laundry will help you separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes and ensure that you don’t confuse them.  

Leave a bit of room in your bag. Don’t fill up your whole bag. During your trip you may want to buy souvenirs for friends or yourself, and they’ll need space in your luggage. Nobody can resist an impulse buy!

Bring hand luggage. Pack everything that you consider to be valuable in your hand luggage, like chargers, personal documents, cameras, etc. You can also pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage because you never know when an airline might lose your luggage or bring it to you late.  

Now that you’re armed with packing knowledge, packing your bags should be a breeze. Just repeat the “practice makes perfect mantra” since that’s the best way to get better and become a more seasoned traveler. With every new adventure you go on, you’ll get better and better at packing and learn new tricks for packing. Think simplicity when you pack, concentrate on having fun, and don’t overthink what you bring in your backpack.

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