There are plenty of things to take into account when you plan a trip–from the destination, to the time it’ll take to get there, to who you’ll go with, and, of course, where you’ll stay. During your escape from reality, you’ll have to consider which type of accommodation you’re looking for and what you’re willing to sacrifice versus what you’re willing to splurge on. 

A trip can be an opportunity to Re_charge in a new environment, and one of the most important parts of the trip is making sure that you stay at the right place to rest and Re_lax.

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What should you take into account? 

Once you’ve decided where to go, the next step is to figure out your budget for the trip. Have you ever heard the phrase “penny wise, pound foolish?” This expression may not apply in all cases when it comes to travel, but it’s best to make sure that you spend your money wisely so you don’t end up spending more than you expected. 

When you’re looking for places to stay, remember to take the following into account: 


  • Location, location, location: Areas near tourist attractions tend to have the most beautiful hotels, but the closer the hotels are to tourist attractions, the more expensive they tend to be. If you travel to a big city, you’re more likely to encounter this situation and you’ll have to figure out how much time it’ll take to get to where you want to go from your hotel. If you want to cut down on travel time, it might be worth it to spend a bit more money on your accommodations. If you prefer wandering around, getting a hotel that’s a bit farther away from tourist attractions will save you money and give you the chance to really explore. 
  • Amenities and service: Looking to rest, relax, and not leave the hotel? Or would you prefer using the hotel to just sleep and leave your stuff while you explore? Whatever your plan is, it’s important to accommodate what you need, so if you won’t be spending much time at the hotel, the bar, restaurant, or pool won’t matter as much. But if you’re looking to relax, these amenities might be more important to you.



  • Means of transportation: Part of finding a good place to stay is determining what kind of transportation you’ll use and how close you want to be to it. If you like to walk, this might not be very important to you, but if you’re planning on using the subway, taxis, or other means of transportation it’s best to look at the best ways to get to and from your hotel.
  • How does that make you feel? It doesn’t matter if you’ve stayed in the hotel or not, the photos posted on the hotel’s website and social media can make you feel a certain way and either compel you to stay at the hotel or stay somewhere else. You can also check out their amenities, former guest reviews, services, and what  the rooms look like. If after looking through everything you feel like you should stay there, make your reservation.
  • Travel during the low season: Not only will you have lower prices during low season, but during the high season hotels have a much higher demand and everything will be crowded. If you prefer getting more attentive service, be careful with when you choose to travel. Travel during the low season, and you’ll get a better deal and a more relaxed experience.
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