Planning trips can be exhausting, but it can help you to ask certain questions to narrow down destinations. Questions like “What if I want to go to the beach?” or “What happens if there’s bad weather” or “Is there a cheaper destination that’s similar to what I already want” can help pinpoint certain destinations that you might want to visit this year. But how do you choose? 

If you travel to Oregon you’ll experience the incredible waterfalls. A flight to Hawaii could lead you to the road to Hana. Going to Russia will bring a nesting doll full of experience. The Big Apple has museums, exhibits, and stores. With so many places to choose from, it can seem impossible to make a decision. But we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you choose the best destination possible for your travel needs.

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Ask yourself these questions

Travel can be like a choose-your-own-adventure book with plenty of questions to ask yourself before you pick your destination. Here are a few serious questions to ask before you start planning. 

  1. Do I want to go to the beach, the big city, or a rural area?
  2. Do I want hot or cold weather?
  3. Do I want to explore or relax?
  4. What’s most important to me: culture, shopping, or adrenaline?
  5. Will I be travelling on my own or with others?
  6. Do I want a family friendly, romantic, or group environment?
  7. Will I organize the trip or am I just along for the ride? 
  8. Am I traveling on a budget or do I have a lot of money to burn? 
  9. Do I want to travel somewhere popular or more off the beaten path?

After responding to these questions, you should have some options in mind, and you can also use a fixed amount of money as your ideal budget so you can save accordingly for your next trip. 

Here are five tips to help you pick your next destination!

  • Keep an open mind

Maybe you’ve been scrolling through your favorite travel influencer’s account, and this has spurred your interest, but after a quick Google search you find out that that place has bad reviews and it’s not as nice as you thought. Or maybe a travel blogger recounts a story about their last-minute trip to Bimini and you do a quick Google search, and it looks like paradise. Months after Googling it, you’re on the best vacation of your life in a remote place whose name you only learned to pronounce once you got there. You never know what you’ll find so keep an open mind. 

  • Just because it’s your first choice doesn’t mean you’re obligated to go

We always want to go to our first choice destination, but we tend to forget that there are plenty of other options. Cancun isn’t the only part of the Riviera Maya; you can also go to Tulum or Holbox. Or what about a trip to Bacalar? When you open yourself up to the different possibilities, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll love new places (and how much money you can save for your next trip!)

  • Don’t doubt yourself

One of adventure’s most famous sidekicks is doubt. If you’ve already decided you want to go somewhere, don’t wait; make your reservation. Do it now; “carpe diem,” as they say! Don’t overthink it, don’t sleep on it. This will only waste your time and cause headaches. Just do it!

  • Ask yourself why on a regular basis

Many people have the illusion that when you get somewhere everything will fall into place, and you won’t have to find a purpose for what you’re doing because the destination will magically provide it. But it’s important to understand why you’re traveling to a certain place. Are you going to relax, learn about new places, or learn something new? It’s a lot easier to say “I’m going to Hawaii to go to a beach that I’ve never been to before,” than “I went to Cancun to relax, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do there.” Know what you want and honor it. It’s your trip after all. 

  • Don’t rule out the places that you love already

There’s nothing wrong with going back to a place you love for a second or third time, especially one that you love. Even though you can always choose a new place to visit or your friends might complain about going to the same place for the third time, if you’ve chosen a destination and it’s become your personal sanctuary (because you’ve fallen in love with it or you have family there or you know the place well) don’t rule out visiting again. What’s important is that you travel on your terms. 

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to avoid tons of headaches. Remember to prepare for your next trip with Re_set and save up to 70% on accommodations in over 1,000,000 hotels from Cancun to Hawaii. Sign up for your free 90 day trial membership today and explore the world on your terms with your exclusive membership. Travel differently with Re_set.

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