If you’re looking to take a ride on the wild side when you go on your next vacation, Miami is the place for you. Located at the tip of the Florida peninsula, Miami is a tropical city with year-round beautiful weather marked by hurricane season.

Don’t be surprised if you end up speaking Spanglish or learning Spanish when you come here; Miami has one of the largest Latin populations in all of the United States where there’s a climate similar to many places in Latin America and a unique style that you’ll fall in love with.

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In Miami, you don’t have to worry; all you have to do is enjoy the sunny beaches, beautiful nightlife, and delicious food that characterize the city known as “Latin America’s backyard.” Take note and check out these destinations while you’re here:

South Beach & Ocean Drive

If your image of Miami has a beautiful beach with turquoise waters and surfers, tourists, and locals enjoying the local waves with sun-bleached hair and tanned skin, you’re probably thinking of the iconic South Beach.

If, on the other hand, you imagined an avenue at the shores of a beach where you’ll find hundreds of restaurants, boutiques, and stands while hundreds of tourists dressed for the beach mingle with roller-skaters, bike-riders, and people driving the hottest sports cars, you’re probably thinking of Ocean Drive. 

Visit the city’s tourist hotspots, spend the day relaxing on South Beach, and end the day by checking out the hottest nightclubs on Ocean Drive. 

Downtown Miami

If you enjoy being in the eye of the hurricane, Downtown Miami is the perfect place to see the business district of the city. Interestingly enough, this district is unconventional. The taller the building is, the more modern it is. It’s a diverse neighborhood, and the higher the skyscraper you stay in, the newer the building is. 

Come and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Brickell Avenue. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city skyline from the Brickell Bridge and stroll to Bayfront Park where you can enjoy a sea view and admire the historical monuments commemorating Florida’s history. 

If you have money to burn, you can experience the incredible Bayside Marketplace with its huge stores and boutiques that carry today’s hottest brands. Here you can choose between an afternoon of shopping and having dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe or spending the evening at one of the many clubs where travelers from all around the world go to let loose and enjoy the nightlife.

Biscayne Bay

Located between Miami Beach and Downtown, this bay is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the waves, and maybe even sail the seas if you’re so inclined. You can also go on a cruise here and explore the best views that Miami has to offer.

A tourist cruise lasts about 90 minutes, and the tickets are very reasonably priced. If you’re into cruising, Biscayne Bay is the place for you. Hop on board and check out the Miami coasts and check out the houses of some of the most famous celebrities that have made Miami their home.

Freedom Tower

Decades ago, Miami received hundreds of thousands of Cuban immigrants who came to the city to fulfill their American Dream. This building, contrasting with the rest of the city’s modern architecture, is more of a monument than a museum (currently known as the Museum of Arts & Design, MOAD).

It first served as an office building for the famous Miami News and later, in 1960, it was converted into a government office. Thousands of immigrants and their stories have passed through these hallways where they first set foot on American soil. 

Once you enter the building, you’ll find the Cultural Legacy Gallery dedicated to exhibiting works that explore how the thousands of Latin immigrants have shaped Florida’s history.

Biscayne Bay (Crandon Park & Cape Florida) 

This tiny island will satisfy your desire to get in touch with nature and relax on a more secluded beach. Here, you’ll find the Bill Baggs State Park (Cape Florida State Park) and the famous Crandon Park which both have natural reserves away from Miami’s city center.

Most tourists prefer Crandon Park because of its beaches that are rarely visited in comparison with Miami Beach, which is teeming with people. Come on a weekday and immerse yourself in the crystalline waters and swim with the incredible fish that live there.

If you want to get in touch with nature, you’ll love going to the Bill Baggs State Park. Here, you can see the famous Florida manatees or visit Florida’s southernmost structure — the lighthouse. This 95-foot tower has an incredible view of the park, Miami’s waves, and the Biscayne Bay.

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