Chihuahua is the land of tradition and ancient customs. By now you must be asking, this is all wonderful, but what is there to do there? In Chihuahua, you’ll find incredible natural beauty with expansive mountain ranges and incredible views. You’ll also encounter one of the most ancient indigenous villages in all of Mexico, the home of the Tarahumaras people.

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Come experience a state full of architectural jewels, ceremonial grounds, beautiful forests, and meadows rich with flora and fauna. Immerse yourself in the Western Sierra Madre and experience the best that Chihuahua has to offer by visiting these destinations:

  1. The Pegüis Canyon

Nestled in this spectacular natural formation is a climber’s paradise. With pure limestone cliffs up to 200 meters tall, you’re sure to feel vertigo from the altitude while the sound of the Conchos river soothes your ears.  

Although there are canoe, kayak, and boat tours as well as rappel classes, we recommend you bring some prior experience with you so you can enjoy intermediate or advanced rafting. You can also cool off and take a dip in the El Salto zone.

When to visit: between April and October

  1. The Chihuahua Cathedral

Located in the state capital, this important baroque monument can be found at the Chihuahua Plaza de Armas. 

Founded in 1725 by bishop Benito Crespo y Monroy, the cathedral was the built thanks to generous contributions made by local businessmen and miners. Although the original plans were drawn up by bricklayer Jose de la Cruz, several architects and artists contributed to completing the building in 1826. 

The ideal way to visit the cathedral is to give yourself enough time and space to admire every thoughtfully designed and magnificent detail and finish. 

When to visit: between May and December

  1. Grutas Nombre de Dios

If you’re looking to get in touch with nature, Gruta Nombre de Dios is the place for you. Located only 20 minutes away from the state capital, this spectacular chain of caves awaits you. 

Experience the depths of the earth and hike its 1.3 km trail. Don’t worry; the trail is completely safe thanks to guides, good illumination, and a few modifications that allow you to see the 12 different caves in the chain. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and you have the experience, you can hike the rest of the subterranean caves (17 in total) and do some sport rappelling. 

When to visit: between April and August

  1. The Gameros Mansion

Where can you find a mansion with some of the most beautiful grounds in North America designed in the Art Nouveau style in the middle of Mexico? Why in Chihuahua, of course. It was a labor of love designed by Chihuahua entrepreneur Manuel Gameros that was dedicated to his wife. 

Although it was originally a labor of love and a gift for his wife, the mansion became a historical masterpiece during the revolutionary time at the turn of the century when the Carrancista movement took place. 

The mansion was the Carranza’s first residency and later it became the center of operations for Francisco Villa (Doroteo Arango). It has served many purposes: it’s been a prison, a hospital, a residential building, and now the mansion serves as a cultural center that belongs to the Chihuahua Autonomous University. 

Visit the mansion and prepare to be transported to another age where European opulence coexisted with Mexican culture in its decorations, sculptures, and gardens.

When to visit:  any time during the year

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the expansive beauty of Chihuahua, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags (don’t forget your sunscreen!) and prepare to survive the heat while you  save up to 70% on your accommodations in hotels throughout Chihuahua and at over 1,000,000 hotels around the world. Sign up for your free 90 day trial membership and enjoy domestic and international trips at unbeatable prices.


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