Oregon is no ordinary tourist destination. After all, there’s a reason why Fred Armisen created an entire TV show centered around Portland and its unique charm. With its cold beaches, volcanic mountains, snowy mountain peaks, crystalline lakes, and more, Oregon is a textbook example of North American beauty at its finest. 

From Oregon’s mountains with waterfalls, rivers, green prairies, and cabins with chimneys, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing something that came straight out of your old Oregon Trail computer game. Located just a few miles away from the Canadian border and a few hours’ drive from Seattle, the state of Oregon awaits visitors who come from far and wide in search of nature, good food, and incredible natural beauty. If you’re looking for a North American adventure with incredible cuisine and wine, Oregon is the place for you.

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Important cities: 

Salem and Portland are incredible cities for different reasons. Salem is the Oregon State capital, while Portland is the largest city in the state and home to the iconic Washington Park and the Oregon Zoo. 

Portland is also famous for its avant-garde culture, its organic farm-to-table food culture, its unique people, and its proximity to the state of Washington.


In Oregon, food is without a doubt one of the most important cultural cornerstones of the state. Here, organic ingredients and artisanal creations reign supreme in the incredible culinary variety that you can find here. You can find handcrafted wines, cheeses, sea salt, yogurts, ice creams, beers, and products that are created in house for guests and locals. 

No matter where in Oregon you go, you’ll find culinary aficionados who are always looking for new flavors and fusions to add to their repertoire. In fact, the New York Times named Oregon an expansive culinary utopia.


Oregon has always been at nature’s doorstep, and it’s considered a hiker’s paradise with multiple state parks and activities. In Oregon, you can:

  • Take a day trip and hike by Mt. Hood or in the Ecola park.
  • Check out the incredible Multnomah waterfalls on the coast.
  • Spend a day at the Short Sands beach.
  • Roam around the streets and piers near Cannon Beach.
  • Visit the Crown Point House museum and observatory.
  • Visit some of America’s most famous national parks including Malheur, Winema, Umpqua, Willamette, Umatilla, and Fremont.

Can’t-miss sites to visit while you’re in Oregon…

Although some sites may seem like no-brainers to put on your list of things to visit, here are a few other famous sites that you can’t miss while you’re in Oregon. We recommend visiting:


  • The Pittock Mansion


In 1860, the famous millionaire Henry Pittock had the opportunity to grow his vast fortune and expand his business into untapped markets. Striking the iron while it was hot, Pittock built a mansion that became one of North America’s most modern mansions of its time. It had a laundry room, phones, indoor lighting, hot water, and other amenities that were quite progressive for the times. Today, you can visit the Pittock museum where you’ll find all sorts of artifacts of the time. The Mansion is a classic example of glamour and indulgence from a bygone era that survives today.

  • The Columbia River Gorge

Stretching over 1000 miles, the Columbia River is one of the largest rivers in all of North America. Because of its distance, it’s nearly impossible to visit all of it in one day. The gorge is unique because in addition to its 600 foot deep canyon, it’s also a nature preserve protected by the states of Washington and Oregon. Come and experience the most impressive chain of waterfalls in the entire country. Some of them are so majestic that they might make you feel like you’ve been transported to Middle Earth or Westeros.

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