Las Vegas



Nevada is where we find the city full of light and life that we all dream of visiting at least once in our life — Las Vegas. A tourist destination since 1905, the city established itself as a center of entertainment and fun from 1941. Since then, the construction of hotels and casinos that have immense appeal and fame have set the scene for Las Vegas to become known as “Sin City.”

If you plan to visit Las Vegas soon, don’t miss the chance to visit the best hotel-casinos in the area. Their luxurious atmospheres, comfort, grand casinos and other appealing features will make you fall in love with one of the following options, so before you choose your accommodation, continue reading to decide what best suits your plans.

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A luxury hotel and casino inaugurated in October of 1998, famous for its artificial lake of more than 32,000 square meters where the most famous fountains in Las Vegas dance, is one of the most attractive spectacles and it’s free. The hotel has a luxury spa, rooms with marble baths, and elegant restaurants, including El Picasso where guests can enjoy delicious food while admiring the fountains.

The hotel also has beautiful botanical gardens and an art gallery that can be visited even without being a hotel guest. If you want to find yourself surrounded by genuine luxury and have the best casino in easy reach, this is the place for you.

Caesar’s Palace:

One of the most popular theme hotels of Las Vegas opened in 1966, with an atmosphere that will take you back in time to the Roman Empire, and its more than 3,000 rooms are distributed in five towers: Augustus, Centurion, Romana, Palace, and Forum.

The facility has an area for shows that can accommodate more than 4,000 spectators. Called The Coliseum, this special event venue is where unforgettable performances have happened including Elton John, Celine Dion, and Rod Stewart, among others.

The size of the parker room is 14,000 square feet, which makes it one of the largest in Las Vegas. Staying in this hotel will give you not only comfort and luxury, but also a pleasurable experience that you will never forget.

The Venetian: 

As the name implies, this famous hotel is inspired by the city of Venice. Inside you can find scenes that will transport you to the other side of the world; the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, and Saint Mark’s Square are spots that will make you feel you are truly in Italy. To raise the level of the experience of staying here, you can travel along the canals of this immense hotel in a gondola while the gondolier sings for you.

The casino has golden adornments and ceilings with frescos that will keep you company while you play. Also, in the area of the Grand Canal, you can visit stores and restaurants under a ceiling that projects an artificial sky where the daylight never ends. With more than 7000 rooms and suites, this hotel offers the fun and comfort you look for in your next trip to Las Vegas.

A trip to Las Vegas is the opportunity to enjoy the maximum in luxury, comfort and fun. If you are looking for a trip filled with unique experiences, we suggest you choose a hotel that not only offers everything you want but also makes you feel special in every way.

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