If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for an amazing, life-changing experience, and maybe some striking, highly sharable photos to go with it.

Some of life’s sweetest pleasures are the discoveries you make yourself, but this guide can serve as inspiration as you plan your next globe-spanning vacation.

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Así que toma nota, prepara tu pasaporte y prepárate para viajar a los lugares más inolvidables del mundo con esta lista que seguro pondrá una sonrisa en tu rostro. ¡Prepárate para descubrirlos!

  1. Lake Baikal, Russia

This frozen lake is a jewel of Arctic landscapes. Located in the southern part of Siberia, the freshwater lake stuns and surprises during the winter. When temperatures drop to 19 degrees below zero, huge ice crystals begin to form and emerge from the surface. Don’t forget to cover yourself well with thermal clothing when heading out to visit this real life version of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

  1. Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile

If you ever wondered where the famous of the Andes Mountains were located, you know now. This national park is one of the most beautiful and expansive in all of South America. Climb on your own or hop on a llama to explore the different passages through to the mountains. Routes cross glaciers and snowy points, offering spectacular views of the sea and of Chile itself. Like with Russia’s Lake Baikal, you don’t want to forget your thermal layers.

  1. Huacachina, Peru

Built in the ‘30s only a few miles from Machu Picchu, Huacachina cannot be missed. It’s an oasis in every sense of the word. Legend has it that a siren resides in its natural waters. So if you go, keep your eyes open, but be prepared to cover your ears!

  1. Navagio Beach at Zakynthos, Grecia

Greek deserts make one crave sea and sand. What better respite than the secret beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Located at the foot of immense rock cliffs, this beautiful beach is characterized by vivid blue waters and the remains of a shipwreck emerging from sand. If you’re looking for privacy in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, this is your chance!

  1. Montserrat Monastery, Barcelona

Without straying too far from the Mediterranean, you’ll find this impressive Benedictine abbey built in the year 880 A.D., near the city of Barcelona in Spain. Situated at the foot of Monserrat Mountain, this beautiful religious site can reached in some rather unique ways; by road, cable car and rack train. Pick your transport and get to know the legends that envelop this impressive hideaway.

  1. Neuschawanstein Castle in Bavaria, Alemania

Built under the order of the isolated King Ludwig II in 1886, this beautiful European castle has inspired countless stories and storytellers (including Walt Disney). Each year, almost 1.4 million people visit this castle of legend that offers countless picture perfect views of the Bavarian valleys below. What may be the most surprising thing about the first European castle built for more for aesthetics rather than defense? The lavish structure was built to only accommodate one guest: the king himself.

Are you ready to move? Remember that these incredible places are waiting for you to visit them, in whatever order you choose. Whether simply knowing about them is enough or you’re seek to have the adventure of your life, the option is yours.

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