Acapulco is one of the most visited destinations in Mexico. The beautiful beaches, the climate and the warmth of the people make it the perfect vacation spot. Whether you go just for a weekend or for a longer stay, in Acapulco you will find things to do that you will love.

Beaches, restaurants and historical sites are waiting to surprise you and make your stay unforgettable. Discover more and get ready to head out on your next vacation.

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More than Sun and Sand

The legendary beaches of Acapulco have been famous for decades. A perfect combination of sun, sand and sea offer incredible relaxation. Sitting on the beach enjoying the lovely late afternoons is one of the most luxurious pleasures that is free of charge. But Acapulco is something more than this; you can find other activities here that you will want to experience.

Did you know that Acapulco has witnessed important events in the History of Mexico? The Fort of San Diego, the most prominent monument in the region and a highly important maritime fortress of the Pacific Ocean, was built to protect the port from attacks and pillaging, as well as having been a point of commercial activity.

The 12 exhibit rooms of this museum display the history of the Fort and the evolution of the economic development of the port. There is also a hall for temporary expositions, not to mention the wonderful view that you can enjoy from this building. As you explore this place, don’t forget to visit the turrets and sentinel watch passages of the Fort.

The beauty of the Botanical Garden is sure to get your attention. Here you can stroll among a wide variety of plants from many parts of the world and relax while you breathe the fresh air.

The Fort of San Diego is 200 meters above sea level. As you walk along the cobblestone path you can wander among flowers, shrubs, ornamental plants, and trees that are separated into categories by family, genus, species, variety and common name. It’s the perfect place to become more familiar with the biodiversity of the state of Guerrero.

In the current environmental situation, we often wonder, “Can I do something for conservation?” If this has occurred to you, you will be interested to know that in Acapulco you can contribute to conservation by participating in the release of sea turtles.

Although it may seem like a small act, taking part in this activity will fill you with great emotion; it’s something you can share with your whole family and take the opportunity to teach the youngsters the importance of saving these species. If you would like to have this experience, remember it is a summer activity; get in touch with the specialized tour operators and join this important mission.

Another activity that will lure you away from the beach and get your adrenaline going is canoeing. Relieve stress and do a little exercise while you explore the bay. Canoeing is a regular pastime activity for visitors and locals in the area. You can also go waterskiing with the expanse of Acapulco Bay as the perfect background. 

As you can see, Acapulco has more to offer its visitors than one can imagine, and if it sounds like fun during the day, wait until you enjoy the nightlife. Are you ready for your next trip?

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