With the Christmas season fast approaching, the image of Santa Claus spreading holiday cheer in his red coat and iconic hat will be everywhere. December is a time when childhood nostalgia can be found on every corner, and there’s no greater way to get into the nostalgic Christmas spirit than to get ready for Santa to deliver toys to kids both young and old.

But if you’ve watched the Santa Tracker on TV and are looking to take your Christmas experience to the next level, you can visit Santa Claus’ real-life home this winter in Rovaniemi, Finland, which is located in the real North Pole. Are you ready to make your Christmas come alive?

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Re_invent your Christmas season by visiting Rovaniemi  

A new way to enjoy the holiday season is to travel abroad and see how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and there’s no better way to experience the spirit of Christmas than to visit Santa Claus’ real-life headquarters.

Santa is one of Christmas’ most iconic and beloved characters, and his office at the North Pole can be found in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. Visiting this incredible village is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What would Christmas be without Santa’s sleigh? If you’re curious about Santa’s main form of transportation, you can find his sleigh in the village and enjoy a ride through the hills while you discover a secret about Santa that you would have never imagined before.

Close to Santa’s office is a pendulum that Santa Claus uses as his GPS to fly around the world in one night and deliver all the Christmas gifts. In Lapland, you can take incredible photos while you watch the elves get the toys ready for Christmas. Want something a little more interactive? You can also bake Christmas cookies and meet with Mrs. Claus!

And if you’re a history buff, you’re in for a treat! Rovaniemi has a special Christmas museum where you can learn about how people around the world celebrate this incredible holiday.

Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ Hometown

One of Lapland’s main attractions is Santa Claus and his hometown, but if you’re fresh out of holiday cheer or looking for something a little bit different, there’s even more of this winter wonderland in Rovaniemi that you can experience.

  • The Arctic Circle: If you love feeling (literally) on top of the world, you’ll love visiting the Arctic Circle. The best way to travel is by snow bike. They’re so popular there that you’ll have no trouble finding one. The Kemi and Ounasjoki rivers become ice highways where you can soar across the circle and explore the nearby forests and the snow banks during the day and night.

  • Auroras Borealis: One of the most beautiful natural phenomena can take a while to see, but it’s well worth the wait. If you love experiencing natural beauty, seeing the Aurora Borealis is a sight that you can’t miss. You can only see them when it’s really cold out, so you’ll want to bundle up beforehand. The best dates to see the lights are between September and March.

  • Ski resorts:  Finland’s ski resorts are always ready to welcome tourists who are eager to hit the slopes. Whether you prefer skiing after your morning coffee or skiing under the stars, there’s something for every ski aficionado who wants to go downhill in style. One of the most popular and well-visited ski resorts is Ruka with 360 degree descents that go in all directions.
  • Tour the area by wooden snowshoe:  Have you ever experienced the smell of freshly fallen snow? It’s one of the greatest experiences on earth, and you can enjoy it by going to the Oulanka National Park. But if you want to experience the snow without falling into it, you’ll have to go by wooden snowshoes. In addition to hiking, you can find suspension bridges, waterfalls, and slopes where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful winter wonderland.

Have one (or more) of these Lapland activities caught your attention? Christmas is a great reason to visit this beautiful Arctic place, and every year thousands of tourists visit Santa Claus’ village to experience its unique Christmas. Pack your bags and get ready!

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