Croatia is a paradise with crystalline waters, beautiful natural scenery, and everything beautiful that Old Europe has to offer. With over 600 miles of coastline and 1000 islands, only 66 of which are inhabited, Croatia is the perfect place to go on vacation thanks to the country’s many tourist attractions. Whether you’re looking for World Heritage sites and architectural marvels while you explore the country’s most emblematic cities or you’re an avid hiker or scuba diver, Croatia has something for you. And if you’re a foodie, Croatia is a gastronomic paradise that’s full of Mediterranean influences and unique flavors.

Croatia is beautiful throughout the year, but the best time to visit Croatia is during the summer because the beaches are full of life and all the attractions are open. If you’re still hesitant to book your trip, let us give you a few reasons why you have to put Croatia on your bucket list.

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From architectural wonders to natural paradise

Croatia is becoming a popular tourist hotspot that is on everyone’s bucket list. Walking among thousands of years of history, impressive ruins from the Roman Empire, walled cities straight out of Game of Thrones, and beautiful landscapes are just a few reasons why Croatia should be on your list of places to travel to.

Dubrovnik, also known as Ragusa, is a charming city of honey-colored buildings separated from the sea by a wall that for centuries has left tourists amazed by its beauty. One way to enjoy Dubrovnik’s many beautiful views is by cable car, where you can see the walled city both inside and out. It is by far the best way to see the sunset. Enjoy the sun’s beauty while you sit on a rock and relax.

The pearl of the Adriatic Sea is one of the most visited attractions and is now known as the city where Game of Thrones was made. You can even you can take a tour of different places where the series filming took place.

Since it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik has had to maintain distinguishing features including not altering the facades and preserving the window shutters while keeping them green and respecting the number of people in the walled city. This only makes the city more charming.

Located just 10 minutes from Dubrovnik is the island of Lokrum, which has a lot of places to visit, including the Monastery where the Benedictine monks dedicated themselves to gardening and prayer. The island is full of trails that you can hike and admire the sea views or head to the surrounding rocky beaches.

The sixth largest island in the Adriatic Sea is Korcula. If you’re a history buff, we highly suggest taking a trip to the island of Korcula. Surrounded by the crystalline turquoise seas, the island’s white houses have red roofs and vineyards, and the winding streets make this island look like a fairy tale. Many call Korcula “little Dubrovnik.” Without a doubt, this island is the perfect place to explore the Croatian culture.

There’s plenty to do, including seeing the house where explorer Marco Polo was born, climb up the bell tower of the San Marcos Cathedral to enjoy the view, and learn about a traditional sword dance known as the moreska in the only place where the dance has been practiced for the past 400 years. This dance tells the story of the Black King and the White King along with their armies, the Black King held the White King’s fiancée prisoner, and the White King has to fight to free her.

If you’re not the dancing type, there are plenty of beaches to go to thanks to Croatia’s islands. You can visit the islands and relax and listen to the sounds of the waves. Bring your beach shoes and enjoy the sea!

There are beaches for every type of persona and activity; many are easily accessible, but there are some that are isolated and only accessible by boat. A great way to enjoy the Adriatic Sea is to take the plunge and jump from the Maslenica rock, which is 56 meters above sea level.

If you’re looking for adventure, Croatia has plenty of options with over 30 places throughout the country where you can go paragliding throughout the year or fly over the small villages in the hills and the countryside with the beautiful sea in the background.

Your trip to Croatia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Plitvice Lake National Park where there are lakes with different heights that are connected by waterfalls and rivers. The park has significant natural, cultural, and tourist importance.

The more you travel around Croatia, the more you’ll fall in love with its beauty, people, and history, plus the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether you’re an adventurer, looking for a quiet vacation, or a partygoer, each island has a unique charm unlike any other and there are options for every type of tourist. How do you want to explore Croatia?

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