Let’s be honest, Niagara Falls is a tad overrated. The tourist mainstay boasts a visitor’s center, an amazing view… Scratch that! Canada is amazing!

Considered the second largest country in the world, Canada is known for its strong traditions, shows, winter sports, mountaineering, wildlife (including bears and elk) and more. It presents many excellent options for all types of travelers seeking destinations with a cooler climate.

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If you’re intrigued by this striking country, but are still uncertain what you might do there, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most spectacular Canadian experiences that will help you enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

Spend a week in Banff National Park

Imagine being surrounded by a pristine snowy landscape, with calm lakes, majestic glaciers, imposing mountains, small cabins in the distance, and inviting ski slopes. That visual is a dead ringer for this National Park located in the Canadian state of Alberta. Spanning ​​more than 3,700 square miles, the beloved destination is home to the beautiful Parkway Icefields Scenic Road, along with hotels and resorts for all tastes. You’ll find everything you’ll need to make your 7-day stay idyllic.

Spend 4 days touring Old Quebec City

Drawing dramatically from its original French settlers, this remnant of France was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its historical value and its architectural beauty without equal. Visitors can explore the memorable Plaza de Armas or stroll through the Capital Observatory. Definitely do not miss the Citadela or the famous Museum of Civilization, followed by a coffee in the Petit-Champain neighborhood or on the street of St. Jean. Stories abound, so prepare to have your fill.

Move to Whistler permanently

A couple of days in the charming Canadian mountain town is all you need to realize that Whistler’s year-round residents have something special. Set at the foot of the mountains, Whistler provides access to beauty, adventure and activity across the seasons.

Summer means cycling, hiking, and wildlife excursions. During the winter, opt for a ride on a heli-ski or learn how to snowboard. And regardless of the time of year, spending weekends in cabins with friends or family is always in season.

Ride the Rail from Toronto to Vancouver on The Canadian

If your priority is seeing Canada’s commanding countryside, The Canadian should be your top priority. The amazing train traverses more than more than 2,750 miles of wild territory to connect the modern metropolises of Toronto and Vancouver.

The journey lasts 4 days and 3 nights, revealing stunning lakes, charming villages, snowy mountains, open meadows, wildlife like moose and bears, and more right outside your window.

The Canadian’s family cabins and the à la carte service present additional options for comfort. Concierge service is also available for anyone looking to be pampered on the cross-country express.

As you can see, Canada is much more than just Niagara Falls. Each town, mountain and city fill Canada with adventures to discover alone or with the whole family. Throw in the legendary Canadian warmth and kindness, and you may find that you never want to leave!

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