We know there’s nothing more exciting than the night before your trip. It’s that perfect moment right before you go on that adventure that you’ve been waiting for, dreaming of, saving up for, and hoping that it goes off without a hitch. And after researching your destination, reserving your hotel at the best price possible, creating an itinerary, and choosing which activities you want to do when you get there, it can feel like all you have to do is go on the trip!

Sometimes we decide to take a trip to take a break from our routines and the electronics that we so heavily rely on in our day-to-day lives. It’s great to unplug from our smartphones, but you can’t completely live without them either. And since you have to bring your smartphone anyway, we’ve done our research and come up with some indispensable apps to bring on your trip that will make it so much easier to travel and get around.

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Make your trip go off without a hitch with these apps

Flights get delayed all the time, and sometimes the airlines don’t always tell us about the flight delays, gate changes, and other important information. Has this happened to you? Whether you’ve gone through this or not, FlightAware will provide you with real time updates, warnings, and delay alerts. And if your flight has been delayed, you’ll have plenty of time to read, reflect, or plan your next steps accordingly. It’s not always fun, but it is an adventure!

Everyone likes to read, but taking books on a trip can be cumbersome. That’s why we’re so glad that Kindle exists to store your favorite books so you can read them both on and offline when you want. With this app, it doesn’t matter how long you have to wait for your next flight; you’ll be entertained for hours! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the delay.  

Social media has made it so easy to keep yourself up to date with what’s going on around the world. But radio stations have been a reliable news source for over a century. To listen to over 100,000 radio stations around the world, you can download the Tune In app. Whether you want to confirm that something is real news or just put your mind at ease or relax listening to music from your recently visited destination, this app is a great option.

Once you’ve gotten to your destination, you’ll probably want to talk to people, learn about the culture, and reveal the hidden secrets about the places you’re visiting. The best way to do this is to talk with locals, but what if you don’t know the language? If you haven’t had time to pick up a phrasebook and basic questions, Google Translate can roughly translate 103 languages written and 32 verbally. You won’t have to get bogged down in the details; you can get your point across with just a few keystrokes on your phone.

Other than the situations that you could run into when you travel abroad, you’ll need to know the exchange rate for each country’s local currency so you can budget accordingly. If you’re not an accountant or an expert in monetary conversion, the XE app can do the work for you and is downloadable on your phone. The rate updates itself every day so you can check the rate as often as you need to before and during your trip.

There are plenty of apps that you can download to make your trip more manageable. Technology has made travel so much easier, and it’s constantly changing. After reading this article, there could be 10 more travel apps at your disposal! Don’t forget to share the apps with us and let us know how your adventure was!

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