When someone mentions Florida, the mind automatically recalls an advertising image from Orlando, Florida, home of the world-famous Disney World and its elaborate theme parks and attractions based on film favorites like Frozen or The Lion King.

While we won’t try to persuade you to avoid Orlando and its enticements, we would like to share other Florida options that you may miss out on if you focus solely on the mouse house and its neighbor parks.


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That’s right, the fun in Florida doesn’t stop at Disney’s border. There are countless options across the state for travelers looking to save on their holidays and for those for whom luxury and comfort are indispensable.

Are you ready for other vacation alternatives to Disney in Florida?

  1. St. Agustine

Ideal for a relaxing romantic or family holiday, St. Augustine isn’t burdened with the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations. It does have the charm of old seaside Americana, striking Spanish-built landmarks, exquisite beaches, historical monuments, and world-class shopping.

  1. The Keys

The Florida Keys get better and better every year, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world.

Each key, or island, has its own character and charm, offering attractions and activities like diving and sportfishing. Plus, the fresh catches and robust gastronomic scene mean that seafood lovers will find many chances to please their palates.

  1. Amelia Island

With its incredible history and incomparable beauty, this island getaway offers everything needed for a perfect American beach holiday. You’ll find all-inclusive resorts, cabins by the sea, golf courses, shopping centers, tennis courts, and more.

And if you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy the island’s beauty by day and opt to camp in the state parks by night.

  1. Miami

Home to Miami Vice—a 1980s TV show that defined the city for a generation—and attractions of all tastes, types and flavors, Miami is an international center of commerce, entertainment and fashion that happens to be perched along a tropical paradise.

Don’t be surprised if you spot a celebrity strolling down the street. Miami is a playground for the wealthy and influential, thanks to its award-winning beaches and its nightlife scene.

  1. Tampa Bay

Home to the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, this inland bay is a hotspot for vacationers who enjoy white sands and casual surfing in the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters.

Amenities vary from city to city. St. Petersburg features exquisite beaches and the famous Sunken Gardens, home to tropical plants more than 100 years old.


Meanwhile, Tampa welcomes international cruise ships from all over the Atlantic Ocean to its port and is home to the famous Florida Aquarium. American Football fans can also catch the Tampa Bay Bucs play at the legendary Raymond James Stadium.

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