Few places tower over the sea of lights that make up the Las Vegas, like The STRAT Hotel, Casino and SkyPod. Part hotel, part tower and observatory deck, and part outdoor attraction, this incredible facility, traditionally known as the Stratosphere Las Vegas but better known as the Strat, is a spectacular attraction that you can’t miss if you love an adrenaline rush above the clouds and the city skyline.

Here are 4 important things to know about the recently renovated STRAT hotel, Casino, and Skypod.

The STRAT just finished undergoing a major upgrade

The STRAT has been undergoing renovations since 2010. It started renovating different areas in the hotel and the casino then added different amenities and upgrades to the building’s attractions. If you thought you saw everything the STRAT had to offer during your last visit, think again. You can now find several new places within the facilities that have been renovated and upgraded to reflect a more fresh, updated style. In addition to the Top of the World rotating restaurant, you’ll also find an array of new dining options including the Strat Cafe, 108 Eats, 104 Drinks, and the 107 SkyLounge which is a new top-of-the-line cocktail experience that will amaze even the most seasoned mixologists.

It’s a destination fit for even the most thrill-seeking tourists

STRAT doesn’t just offer an incredible place to stay and world-class entertainment, it’s also famous for its 4 iconic attractions that were designed for your inner daredevil.

Are you ready for the new highs you’ll experience at the top of Las Vegas?
  • SkyJump Las Vegas: Do roller coasters bore you? Does high speed put you to sleep? Have you ever wanted to experience a Guinness World Record for yourself? Well then you’re in for a thrill of a lifetime. At the STRAT tower, you can dive over 700 feet in free fall. The ride is so intense, it’s only open to adults 18 and over and adolescents accompanied by an adult. Make your reservation today to test your bravery (or insanity.)
  • Big Shot: Experience being launched up to 50 feet in the air at breakneck speed from the STRAT tower’s top. If you’re a daredevil looking to give Evel Knievel a run for his money, you can experience an incredible view at over 350 feet above the ground. Don’t worry though; this attraction is completely safe and open on weekends.
  • Insanity, The Ride: Let your world revolve around you at over 510 feet above ground in this dizzying attraction for 5 people. Suspended 57 feet above the tower, you’ll have an incredible view of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Open on weekends.
  • X-Scream: If you like soaring with the birds at the speed of light, this attraction will let you fall more than 25 feet below the tower’s rim into the open air where you’ll drop 109 floors below. Open on weekends.

Coming soon: Celestia, a show for the heavens

Coming soon to the STRAT: the Celestia show is designed to enchant and delight visitors from around the world. With over 32 artists performing under a 200,000 square foot outdoor tent that’s designed to amaze guests with performances of illusion, magic, and acrobatics, the Celestia show is the only show in the world with live music, contemporary dance, air acrobatics, and pyrotechnic performances that unite to tell an incredible story of love and sacrifice.

The legendary casino/hotel is so well known in Las Vegas, that even if it isn’t in The Strip, it’s impossible not to talk about it .

The legacy is just as incredible as its history

Any story with the legendary entrepreneur, millionaire, and poker champion Bob Stupak is sure to be a tale worthy of a Hollywood movie. That’s why STRAT’s story is as incredible as it’s ambitious.

Before it was known as The Stratosphere Las Vegas and even before it’s iconic tower made its debut, this hotel was known as the emblematic Bob Stupak’s Vegas World.

A product of the casino boom in Las Vegas, Vegas World was over 210 feet tall and had 932 rooms before being renovated as The Stratosphere Las Vegas in 1989. During its heyday, Vegas World was home to the “Biggest Wheel of Fortune in the World” and invited its guests to try their luck and win a million dollars at the first slot machines in the world, including the latest model: the “fat prize.” These extravagances set the standard for the rest of Las Vegas’ casinos and became the foundation of the incredible experiences that the STRAT offers today.

Interestingly enough, Vegas World almost suffered the same fate that the casino did in 1991 when builders broke ground on World Famous, and strong winds knocked down the building’s enormous letters and light cables and caused a catastrophic fire in the hotel. The incident sparked many urban legends such as the one about Bob Stupak burning down his own buildings to protest the safety conditions, though this story was never proven. In 1992, the Stupak neon tower was finally open to the public, renamed from Vegas World to Stratosphere. The tower boasts the iconic Top of The World and one of the most beautiful views in all of Vegas, with unrivalled shopping to boot.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the best view in all of Las Vegas or you’d prefer to spend your vacation living it up in the best hotels and trying your luck at one of our famous casinos, The STRAT has something for everyone. Register now through Re_set to get the best discounts on your stay in Sin City. All you have to do now is pack your bags!

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