If you want to leave the stress of the city behind and re_enjoy paradise on the beach, there are few better destinations for relaxation and rest than Playa del Carmen. With its beaches that look like heaven on earth, its relaxed atmosphere, Instagram-worthy sunsets, elegant and refined style, countless gastronomic options to choose from, and 5 star accommodations, Playa del Carmen is a must-add for your bucket list.

But wait! Before you pack your bags and go on the adventure of a lifetime to the Caribbean jewel known as the Riviera Maya, here are 3 questions and answers to help you make sure that your vacation to Playa del Carmen is as incredible as you are.

What should I bring?

This is an important question that can only be answered when you’re packing your bags. Although a good rule of thumb is “less is more”, the last thing anyone wants is to experience a great place like Playa del Carmen only to realize that they forgot something important. That said, we highly suggest you bring sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher!), a bathing suit, and a towel, and your smartphone so you can take plenty of great photos. We also suggest bringing a waterproof protector for your phone and a floating shoulder bag.

Delight yourself with every minute you spent on Playa del Carmen

Other things that you might want to re_consider bringing are a light purse for the beach to carry and keep your stuff in at all times, a light towel or sarong to relax on, a bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite music wherever you go, and finally, water shoes for the beach which, unlike regular sandals, can protect your feet in and out of the water wherever you go.

Where can I stay?

The short answer is: the closer to the beach, the better. Luckily, even the hotels farthest away from the cost offer an incredible experience with all-inclusive packages where you can enjoy an incredible city view.

In order to re_choose the best location for your trip, we’d like to recommend that you choose your hotel from the following locations:

  • The first area is Fifth Avenue, famous for its incredible variety in restaurants, stores, and exclusive hotels. If you’re looking to enjoy the beach in the morning and enjoy city life by night, Fifth Avenue is the place for you. You can use Constituyentes Street as your frame of reference. It’s the busiest and most luxurious area in Playa del Carmen and marks the beginning of Mamitas Beach, a less crowded area where you can relax with family or friends.
  • The second area that we recommend is Playacar. Located next to Playa del Carmen, this tourism development is designed to offer a large variety of experiences such as resort vacations without the hustle and bustle of the city. At Playacar, there are plenty of options for every budget. No matter where you stay, we’re sure that you’ll have an incredible vacation.
Once you had explore all the excellent options that Playa del Carmen has for you, you wouldn’t want to leave!

What can you do there?

There’s something for everyone in the area that you pick. It all depends on what kind of vacation you want to have between your trips to the beach.

For example, you can start your day walking down Fifth Avenue in the shopping area, where there are some of the most exclusive brand-name stores in the world and then you can enjoy a delicious meal of haute cuisine. Or, you can escape to the Caribbean and go on a guided tour with fishing and scuba diving. What about playing a leisurely game of golf on the most exclusive courses in the area? Or getting in touch with nature and visiting one of the most famous eco-tourism parks in the Riviera Maya, like Xcaret or Xelha? The options are endless, but the choice is yours. And if none of those options seem like your cup of tea, you can always go by ferry and re_escape to the island of Cozumel.

Now that you know everything to do before visiting Playa del Carmen, there’s only one thing left to do: subscribe now to Re_set and get access to exclusive discounts for your stay in the Riviera Maya. How will you spend your vacation?

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